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We deliver as much scalability as your project demands.

Our scalable service model enables you to incorporate a team of professionals that is able to grow in accordance with the size of your projects and needs.
Because we have the ability and a path in the market to recruit key contributors, with the required credentials and expertise to ensure your project success, be it short or long term.
We bring strategic management and presence all along the process, which turns us into a part of the solution.
Our career path in the IT business has forged us as expert storm pilots from both technical and strategic standpoints. We know well how to manage crises, because we get involved in all processes as Solution Partners.

Meet the Team
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Applica was born in Santa Fe as a native app development agency. Today, we provide mobile services with artificial intelligence, recommendation systems, integrations, and innovative fintech developments. Our service model allows you to assemble a team of professionals capable of scaling according to the size of your projects and needs, comprehensively understanding your business requirements. We offer strategic management and presence throughout the entire process, becoming part of the solution.

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Team Member
Francisco Fuentes
Chief Executive Officer

Computer analyst, with more than 18 years in the software industry, evangelist of mobile technologies, amateur cook and in his free time he practices cycling.

Team Member
Nelson Peltzer
Chief Technology Officer

Computer engineer, lover of data, statistics and philosophy. Data science specialist. In his free time he climbs mountains, he goes for a run, river life and reads the Tarot.

Team Member
Augusto Herbel
Chief Operating Officer

Senior Technician in Programming, Android Developer since the beginning of his career and lover of mobile technologies. In his spare time he makes some music, dances and spends time with friends.

Team Member
Agostina Zandomeni
Creative Director

Graphic designer, studies in visual communication design and Software testing, Meditation and yoga enthusiast in her spare time.

Team Member
Enzo Zanitti
Project Lead

Entrepreneur and consultant with more than 10 years of experience in project management and system infrastructures. He worked in various areas such as outsourcing, health, electronic security and finance. Project leader and technology director. His free time is divided between his passion for music and cooking.

Day by Day in Applica
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Here at Applica, we fave fun doing what we love. We craft real world solutions in a laid-back setting, giving birth to high-flying ideas.

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