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We design, implement and support emerging and market-leading companies in their digital transformation process.

At Applica, the cornerstone that guides our work is a commitment to each client with the aim of maximizing the constantly evolving technological resources to achieve your company's growth. We design a comprehensive proposal tailored to your goals to help optimize operations intelligently and effectively.

Mobile App Development

Developing a native app for iOS and Android has become a necessity for companies looking to reach their customers. Native apps offer several advantages, including better performance, a better user experience, and access to device features. In this sense, we are leaders in mobile development, specialized in the creation of customized solutions for our clients.

Native apps make it possible to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities, significantly improving user experience and performance. Unlike hybrid or web applications, native applications run directly on the device, allowing faster access to system resources and greater interactivity.

Also, our solutions allow greater customization and adaptation to the specific characteristics of each platform, which translates into greater user loyalty and greater effectiveness in achieving the business objectives of our clients. With our team of highly trained and experienced developers, we work rigorously and efficiently to ensure the quality and success of each project.

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Business Apps

We develop enterprise applications with the aim of creating synergy among the different sectors in each company, thus achieving internal and external process optimization.


We offer scalability in platform architecture, allowing more people to use the application and thus meet user demand without downtime.


We have a strong focus on information technology architecture. This allows us to offer solutions tailored to our client's business objectives.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The development of SaaS software allows us to offer dynamic applications hosted in the cloud. These provide a reliable and secure service on a large scale.

Cloud Ops (Cloud Operations)

Through Cloud Ops tools, we simplify the automation of a wide range of daily tasks aimed at improving business performance.

Business Analysis

Business analysis oriented apps help us effect a change in an organizational context, by defining needs and advising solutions.


We deliver as much scalability as your project demands.

Our scalable service model enables you to incorporate a team of professionals that is able to grow in accordance with the size of your projects and needs.

Because we have the ability and a path in the market to recruit key contributors, with the required credentials and expertise to ensure your project success, be it short or long term.

We bring strategic management and presence all along the process, which turns us into a part of the solution.

Our career path in the IT business has forged us as expert storm pilots from both technical and strategic standpoints. We know well how to manage crises, because we get involved in all processes as Solution Partners.

Why Argentina

Argentina is an extremely wealthy country in natural resources, but also in human capital. On top, the global scenario sets us as a market with high quality standards when weighing in our industry and our currency against international costs. This becomes a competitive edge to our clients from the rest of the world.

Similar cultures

When working with a foreign team, it is essential to find one that has cultural similarities to establish a fast, effective and reliable work process.

Time zone

Argentina has advantages over other IT poles, such as Asians. There are very few hours of difference with both Europe and the United States, which allows for frequent interaction during the same working hours.

English level

According to official statistics of the prestigious Education First Institute, Argentina is the country with the best English skills in Latin America, and 15th globally.

Investment / Quality ratio

The Argentine economy allows its IT market be one of the most competitive worldwide in terms of costs and talents. According to ComputerWeekly, Argentina is the first outsourcing destination.

Why Santa Fe

It is not by chance that Santa Fe has seen us thrive in the local and global market. This is thanks to our province not only posessing natural richness and the most important industrial, agricultural, and livestock complex in our country; but it also hosts 4 well-reputed tech institutes across Latin America and around the globe.

In this industry, we are value builders, brain power suppliers, at the service of businesses all over the world.

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