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We have experience in the fintech market and possess the technology to integrate and develop solutions associated with complex financial businesses, such as virtual wallets, wallet cores, QR payments, account management, reconciliations, data analysis, pricing, and interoperability. We have a specialized technical team and customized solutions that have turned companies into industry leaders.

We not only deliver a digital solution but also have the experience needed to undertake the development and integration processes, making us the strategic partner for each client. Our consulting services include specialists in credit risk and decision engines, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, taxes, bank reconciliations, pricing, and more. This knowledge is essential for the design and development of efficient, scalable, and easily manageable technical solutions.

QR Payments

Payment time reduction
Avoid long queues, and sell quickly and securely.
Receive the money immediately.
At the time of purchase.
Offer promotions and discounts
Join the benefits offered by banks and virtual wallets. (Network effect).
Payment link
Collect payments via WhatsApp, social media, or email from your computer.
Posnet Integration
(e.g., Clover).
Dynamic QR
generated on the spot.
Allows creating discounts
customized discounts based on your business´s size.

White label wallet

Native iOS and Android Mobile Applications
Fully configurable native iOS and Android mobile apps, with themes that match the visual identity of customers. Deployment and configuration management for each instance.
Technologies: Kotlin and Swift.

Wallet Core as a Service

Core de Wallet
For operating in Uruguay or Argentina under local security and regulatory conditions. Integration of country-specific services (COELSA, Urutec, QR payments, utility bill payments, credit cards, etc).
Customized development
business-specific functionalities (promotions, pricing, customer communication channel, support, etc).
Tecnologías: Kotlin y Swift

CRM/Back Office as a Service
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360-degree customer support

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Compliance with Central Bank regulations

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Commission settlements

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Marketing campaigns

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Identity management and fraud prevention
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Identity management and fraud prevention comprise a set of tools and processes used to verify a users' identity and prevent fraudulent activities. This is especially crucial in the financial services sector, where users' personal and financial information must be safeguarded, and measures must be taken to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Know Your Customer (KYC) identification
Through facial biometrics
Identification of fraudulent documentation
Queries to third-party services (RENAPER, Nosis, Veraz, etc.)
Integration of services for the prevention of money laundering (UIF, terrorist lists, etc.)
Back office for the creation of dynamic approval workflows
Creation of digital file with integrated tracking and security log tools
Authentication tools
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Biometric authentication
Token-based authentication
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Fraud prevention tools
Transaction behavior analysis
Real-time transaction monitoring
Digital identity verification
Predictive fraud analysis tools
Fraud trend analysis to prevent financial frauds

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Electronic Payments and Transfers
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Electronic payments and transfers refer to conducting monetary transactions through electronic means, such as mobile devices, computers, or credit/debit cards. These services enable users to send and receive money in real-time without the need for cash or checks, facilitating both commercial and personal transactions. Additionally, electronic payments and transfers typically maintain high standards of security and data protection to ensure user privacy and security.

Account Transfers
Real-time transfers
International transfers
Scheduled transfers
Merchant Payments
Online payments
Payments with QR code
Mobile payments (NFC)
Payments with virtual wallets
Online collections
Collections with QR code
Mobile collections (NFC)
Collections with virtual wallets

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Account and Personal Finance Management
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These applications provide a comprehensive view of personal finances, including bank accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, and other types of financial assets. They allow users to track their expenses, create budgets, set financial goals, and receive personalized recommendations to improve their finances. Some tools also offer automated financial advice and comprehensive financial planning.

Account Management
Opening digital bank accounts
Balance and movement management
Transfers between accounts
Collection and payment of services
Alerts and notifications of account movements
Blocking and unblocking of credit and debit cards
Personal Finance Management
Income and expense control
Categorization and analysis of expenses
Establishment of goals and budgets
Alerts and notifications of expenses and budgets

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Loans and financing
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Various tools and services enable users to apply for, compare, and obtain loans and financing quickly and easily through digital platforms. These tools may include loan simulators, interest rate comparators, and real-time credit approval tools, among others.

Personal loans
Business loans
Lines of credit
Mortgage loans
Peer-to-peer loans

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Investment and Wealth Management
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Financial tools and services used for investing and managing assets and wealth. These services can include personalized financial advice, investment and portfolio management, online investment products, investment analysis tools, tax advice, and financial planning, among others. The primary goal is to help individuals make informed financial decisions and effectively manage their wealth.

Investment platforms
Stock trading
Mutual funds
Bonds and bills
Wealth management
Personalized financial advice
Investment portfolio management
Financial and tax planning

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Investment Analysis and Decision Making Tools
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Analysis tools allow investors to evaluate and compare different investment opportunities and make informed decisions based on their investment profile, objectives, and risk aversion. They provide information on financial markets, market trends, economic events, and relevant news.

Market Analysis
Financial and Economic News
Technical and Fundamental Analysis
Statistics and Charts
Tracking and Monitoring
Custom Alerts
Portfolio Management
Transaction Tracking
Investment Tools
Investment Simulators
Financial Calculators
Investment Strategies and Recommendations
Trading Platforms
Access to Multiple Markets
Multiple Financial Instruments
Real-Time Trading
Wealth Management and Advisory
Personalized Advisory
Portfolio Management
Financial Planning

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Digital banking and banking services
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We develop mobile applications or online platforms for banking services that can include everything from opening bank accounts to performing various transactions, managing personal finances, and accessing loans and credit, among others. Digital banking has revolutionized how people manage their money, making it easier and more convenient to access banking services from anywhere and at any time.

Online services
Balance and transaction inquiries
Online transfers and payments
Requests for products and services
Customer service
Online chat
Telephone assistance
Financial products
Savings and checking accounts
Personal and commercial loans
Investments and investment funds
Security and fraud prevention
Authentication and validation of users
Detection of suspicious transactions
Protection of personal and financial data
Process automation
Online account opening
Processing of credit applications
Management of banking transactions and operations

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Risk management
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Risk management is a comprehensive process that identifies, assesses, and takes measures to minimize or avoid risks associated with the financial activities of an individual or company. In the fintech sector, risk management focuses on ensuring the security and confidentiality of clients' financial information, as well as preventing and detecting fraud and financial crimes. Risk management services can include:

Financial risk analysis
Identification of financial risks associated with the activity of the company or individual
Assessment of the probability of occurrence and impact of each identified risk
Development of strategies to minimize or mitigate identified financial risks
Fraud prevention and detection
Data analysis to detect suspicious behavioral patterns
Validation of the identity of users and clients
Establishment of security measures to prevent fraud
Regulatory compliance
Identification of applicable regulations and standards
Development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance
Performance of audits to verify regulatory compliance
Information security and privacy
Establishment of security measures to protect clients' financial information
Guarantee of the confidentiality of clients' financial information
Development of policies and procedures for the management of personal and financial data

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